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Thula Libra the Balance 6 8. Vrischika Scorpio the Scorpion "l 9. Makara Kumbha Aquarius tbe Water-bearer. Meena Pis. In order to measure the di stance an astronomical point end of the constellation of Revati is established which is called the first point of Aries. The zodiac i. The first point of tbe Aswini, tbe first constellation, synchronises with tbe first point of Aries, wbich is the starting point of tbe fixed zodiac.

Thus 2l constellations or Dine quarters comprise a zodiacal sign. The Rasis signs and Nakshatras constellations arc both reckoned from the same poiDt,. The constellations arc ;I. Aswini -p Arieti3, 3 stars resem! Bharani Arletis, 3 stars resembling a female sexual organ.

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Rohioi-Aldebaran, 5 stars resembling a chariot. Mrigasira -! Punarvasu-p Geminorium Pollux, 5 stars resembling a bow. Pushyami-8 Cane';. Makha-p uonjs or Regulus, 5 stars resembling a palanquin. Pubba and Uttara-8 Leonjs, and Denebola 4 stars resembling the legs of a cot. Hasta- S Cor. S stars resembling a palm. CbittaYirginis Spica, oDe star resembling a pearl. Anuradha-8 Scorpfi. Poorvasbadha, Uttarashadba-S and 6 Sagittarii. Sravana- I Aquila, 3 slars resembling an arrow.

Dbanishta- ,8 Delphini, 4 stars resembling a d rum. Satahhisha -. Aquarii, stars resembling a Dower. Uttarabhadra- Y Pegasi of a cot. R,e vati-, Plscium. Rlltl SII" , Vir,o 8. Scorpio 9. Capricorn II. Sian' and Constellations Pubba Uttara Uttara Huta Chitta China IS. Swati J6. Viukha Visakha Jycsbta Moola W Uuarashadba Ullarashadb. Sravana Dhanishta Dhanishta Satabhisha PoorY3bhadra poorvllbb"dr.. Uttarabbadra The remaining ' three quarters or Krittika, four quarters or Robini and the first two quarters of Mrigasira compose Taurus or Vrishabba and 10 on. Tbis will enable one to fix the positions of planets in a horoscope, as in most Hindu almanacs.

WI'tb powcr both during day and Dlght. Quadrants Kendras arc 1,4,7 and Upachayas are 3, 6, 10 and II. Signa Eacb zodiacal sign has certain peculiarities attributed to it by ancient Maharishis. For instance, each sign repre sents some element in nature, su ch as fire, air, earth and water.

B V Raman Horoscope

Libra and Capricorn. Taurus, Leo. Again , we have an account of fiery signs Agflltat wa Rasis. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earthy sign s Bhutatlm Rasis. Cancer, Leo , Virgo. Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are signs of long ascension and tbose of short ascension are Capricorn, Aquarius. Leo and Virgo are barren. If we replace we find that the nearest planet to rules the nearest sign to Leo. Based on lucb an. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo. The Moon owos Cancer.

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The Sun is the lord of Leo. Jupiter govern. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. Leo and Ketu rule Scorpio. Rahu owns Leo and Ketu rules Scorpio. Jlahu in 2 of Tauru. Full Moon aod well-associated Mercury ,-. New Moon. Sbe is weak from tbe eigh'tb day of the dark half.

This enables us to ,. Ven us and Mercury represent Rajasa Or imperi ous di spos ition. Mars and Saturn denote Thamasa or du ll nature. Planetary Relations. Friend ship will be both permanent and temporary. Mercury MOOD Salum Mercury. Those il-lhe remaining signs become temporary enemies.

Take for instance, Jupiter. The Moon is:o tb e f;;cvcolb. I J North ; Lolli. SO" - Ol. S Vatsya or trader; Mercury is. Accord' IDg 10 rd Krishna.

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WJrna is based On runa a nd karmtl. T ;,utro1o,ical Termioo lol ' "'. Planttary Dlreclions. S,-W ,o West, N.

Astrology Books by b v Raman - Free Download PDF

Conjunctional Peculiarities Vakra or retrogrcssion. Tbis phenomenon of going backwards is atied retrogression. If a planet moves fronr""one. Srambh'ana ar SlagtlOtion. AslQltgQtQ or Combustion. Planets in intimate conjunction ifiih the Sun get combustion and become utterly powerless. Planets with tbe Moon acquire Samagama.

Download Astrology Books in PDF – English for Free

Conjunction of good planets always produces beneficial results while the reverse ho lds good when malefic planets join together. Each avastha produces its own results. In tbe judgment of a horoscope all tbese details. Duptha or Exaltation. Gains from conveyances, respect from elders , fame, wealth and good progeny. Swastha or Own House. Mudltha or in the House ora Friend. San tho or an Auspicious Sub-divislon. Prosecution , In carceratIOn, pilfering habits and expUlsion from country.