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In the middle of the month you will put on your own in an important matter related to the management of money, international travel and international contacts. You will be tempted by sales and will incur excessive expenses, beware of the so-called "Bargains", because they will prove to be very expensive.

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Sagittarius Horoscope - Get Your Predictions Now! |

At the end of the month you will come to your dreams and an opportunity for many moments spent in the family circle, especially the people you love. Think about whether it would not be better to come to terms with a person who, in your opinion, does not perform his or her official duties very effectively.

It is possible that it does not have a sufficiently high self-esteem and it needs to be better supported by someone from outside. Mercury retrograde in Pisces from mid-February to mid-March can be tricky, because collaboration is not obvious and can cause delays. Mercury retrograde from mid-June to mid-July and from mid-October to mid-November may also indicate setbacks and delays.

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It is like swimming through treacle, but you don't have a choice. In the first six months of , this Solar Eclipse indicates an improvement in your financial situation and the arrival of new financial opportunities in the coming six months.

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Due to the influence of the Great Benefactor Jupiter in Capricorn, Sagittarius can count on a financial windfall, reward, donation, sale of a house or lottery until the end of The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has great influence on money, values, self-esteem and possessions. Due to circumstances, Sagittarius deals with money and property in a different way.

Due to the influence of Mars in Capricorn from February 17th to March 30th , more money is coming in. However, it is a year to be careful with investments. The total Solar Eclipse of June 21st, falls into your House of Shared Finance such as insurance, mortgage, taxes etc.

Sagittarius 2020

This Solar Eclipse has an impact on your partner's finances which will necessitate drastic financial changes, for example investments, strategies and financial planning and support. There may have been secret or unrealistic financial decisions taken in recent months and this Solar Eclipse will reveal this in the coming six months. This Solar Eclipse is the gateway to new financial opportunities. October is all about positive developments in the career, business ventures and finances. December is the best month for business trips and overseas transactions. Family and Home The total Solar Eclipse in Aquarius from January 24th, changes the way of communication with close relatives, friends and family.

The Solar Eclipse in your House of Communication makes it easier in the coming six months to communicate with close family members and say what you think. The bond with children and partner is strengthened. With this energy, Sagittarius is going to clean-up and make room for domestic activities such as repairs, decorating or family activities. Because of the influence of Mars, Sagittarius is more protective and wants to take charge of the house and family.

During this period, Sagittarius is engaged in hobbies and creative activities. Sagittarius likes to organize a party at home for family and friends or organize sporting activities with your children, children in the family or living environment.


Sagittarius starts the year dealing with old pain, hurts, disappointments of failures from the past. Because of the strong influence of Mars, you are determined to leave behind overflowing emotional backpack for now and forever. With the help of Mars you can leave behind old pain and worries.

In the coming six months you will let go of things from the past and there will be peace of mind.

It becomes easier to communicate and say what you think. Uranus is retrograde in Taurus until January 10th, Especially now that retrograde Uranus is slowly awakening from its retrograde sleep, Sagittarius is extra focused on making changes to work patterns and obligations.

These changes are desperately needed, because if you don't, you can get sick as a result of stress. With the changes you made at the beginning of , Sagittarius won't have to worry. At the beginning of you may feel exhausted and have painful muscles, but as soon as spring comes, things will get better.

Watch your diet to stay healthy and fit. Take the time to relax and rest to achieve a sense of inner peace and satisfaction. Sagittarius changes jobs that offer you more freedom and rebels against duties and responsibilities in daily life.